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Endless Night || Chapter Two – Fever Dream – Teaser

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter 2 – Fever Dream


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Endless Night || Release Schedule and Notes

I’ve been posting this in author’s notes within the chapters but here’s the posting schedule and notes laid out:

New Chapters will be posted every Monday. With the timezone I live in that probably means around 9am EST.

New Chapter teasers will be posted Thursday/Friday the previous week. I will do my best to get these out in a timely manner but sometimes the chapters are still undergoing editing so it depends on my editor(s) and RL. Also, sometimes teasers will be released and sometimes they won’t. Chapters though will always be released on time.

Endless Night is rated 15+. Or as I like to call it, it’s rated “New World” (Korean movie with Lee Jung-jae, Choi Min-shik. If you haven’t watched it yet you loved Heartless City then you’re missing something, because it’s basically Heartless City in film form (and really how we (or maybe just me) all wanted HC to end as well.) If you’ve seen “New World” then you know the film pulls no punches with it’s depiction of the crime lord world. It’s unapologetically brutal, honest, and bloody. Add the parts that the undying romantic in me won’t do without, and that’s what “Endless Night” is.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions about the fic as well (but I won’t give away any major plot threads, you’ll have to wait for those!). Comments and feedback are welcome, they help me become a better writer so even if it’s a critique I openly welcome it.

Places where Endless Night is posted:  (I will always post here first)  (must be forum member to view)

Last bithere’s the title for Chapter Two.

Chapter Two – Fever Dream



Endless Night || Chapter One – Contamination

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has to do with Heartless City, JTBC. Original characters are mine however.

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter One – Contamination

Vengeance is Mine, and retribution,
In due time their foot will slip;
For the day of their calamity is near,
And the impending things are hastening upon them

(Deuteronomy 32:35, Bible)

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Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel || Prologue

Endless Night

A Heartless City Fanfic
by Lyse

”Every morn and every night 
Some to misery are born. 
Every morn and every night 
Some are born to sweet delight. 

Some are born to sweet delight, 
Some are born to endless night.”

William Blake, Songs of Experience


It’s been five years since the tragic final act that ended in blood, betrayal, and death. A new drug is filtering through the city’s underbelly and leaving a trail of death in its wake. From abroad, the man known as Paksa Adeul is facing the threat of usurpation from within the walls of the empire he has built, as the organization he’s vowed to destroy turns his own weapons against him. To come out the victor, Jung Shi-Hyun  will have no choice but to request the help of those from his past, in particular a young woman who is haunted by nightmares and walks her own deadly path.

It is a race against time as love lines are reformed, alliances made, betrayals discovered, and the dead are avenged.

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-Interlude-, Illumination and Umbra (Heartless City Fanfic) Revamp Complete

A/N August 8th: Revamping complete!

Author’s Note: So while I’m world building for this crazy little place I’m creating, I got inspired to do a brief piece into Shi-Hyun’s thoughts. It occurs *right* after Chapter 1, so consider yourself warned. This fic is going to be adult, I find the content of Heartless City itself very adult and think anything less than this would not honor this world properly.

One very important thing to understand, there hasn’t been really a heart to heart conversation between these two people yet, neither one really knows what’s happened to the other in the years between. She’s in her head and he’s in his, and it’s going to take them a while to realize that the two spaces aren’t so very different.

This was simultaneously an easy and difficult piece to do, and I only hope that I captured at least a tiny bit of Jung Shi-Hyun’s essence. Comments and feedback are INCREDIBLY appreciated, I would love to hear what everyone thinks!

Rating: 15+

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