-Interlude-, Illumination and Umbra (Heartless City Fanfic) Revamp Complete

A/N August 8th: Revamping complete!

Author’s Note: So while I’m world building for this crazy little place I’m creating, I got inspired to do a brief piece into Shi-Hyun’s thoughts. It occurs *right* after Chapter 1, so consider yourself warned. This fic is going to be adult, I find the content of Heartless City itself very adult and think anything less than this would not honor this world properly.

One very important thing to understand, there hasn’t been really a heart to heart conversation between these two people yet, neither one really knows what’s happened to the other in the years between. She’s in her head and he’s in his, and it’s going to take them a while to realize that the two spaces aren’t so very different.

This was simultaneously an easy and difficult piece to do, and I only hope that I captured at least a tiny bit of Jung Shi-Hyun’s essence. Comments and feedback are INCREDIBLY appreciated, I would love to hear what everyone thinks!

Rating: 15+

Disclaimer: I don’t own these two fascinating and amazing characters, they belong to Heartless City, JTBC.



It’s been exactly forty six hours since I’ve last slept and the passage of time is a throbbing pulse against my temples; the pillow I lay propped against a soft promise of momentary comfort. I should depart, there are so many things yet left unfinished. The passing of each minute marks another grain of sand slipping through the hourglass. Each minute I stay forms a tiny fissure in my painstakingly constructed shields.

But I would readily poke myself with lit cigarette butts and bits of broken glass to prevent my eyes from closing and missing on what is quickly becoming one of my new favorite past times.

Soo Min’s sprawled out next to me, her small face tilted down and slightly tucked under, in a pile of boneless languid grace. Her shoulders and neck are slick with sweat and strands of hair are sticking rather insistently to her upturned cheek.

I’ve discovered I would watch her for hours without blinking if I could. She’s completely undone and unmade, having smashed her walls to the ground. Her guileless composure in sleep a sign of silent surrender.

Her gently parted lips are bruised almost crimson, a combination of her earlier skirmishes (at this my thoughts run red) and my not so gentle ministrations afterwards. Along her delicate jawline I can see rising bruising from where the hilt of a knife had hit her (again my thoughts ran murderous). To my utter satisfaction I could also see the reminders of my passionate affections scattered here and there, a particularly dark one right below where the dip of her neck met her jawline.  A slow possessive smile curved my lips. I’d marked her other places, laid my teeth against her skin and pressed down, wholly intent on leaving more than memories as reminders of this night.

She had been well and truly claimed.

“Not that”, I thought, as I shifted slightly and felt the lingering sting of sensitivity where she’d laid nails down my back, “she didn’t intend for it to be a mutual submission.” My body bore it’s own signs of claiming in the very delicate imprint of her teeth across my chest when she had clamped her teeth down on my shoulder. It hadn’t been the same as our first time, where I had quickly figured out her untried, but passionate, state and had guided accordingly.  I should have wrestled with more guilt, showed more restraint. But her openly playful manner and sweet uninhibited jesting, didn’t I scare her even a little bit?, had found the chinks in my normally impenetrable armor of self control more surely than an assassin’s dagger.

And tonight, It had been too long, with too much unspoken current coiling between us, to attempt to slow down the explosion of passion that almost overwhelmed me.

There had been no room for rational thought, about the past, present, or even the very near future. It had been only two of us, our shared breaths, our frantic hands, everything in the universe centering down to just her and me. Our shared suspended moment.

She hadn’t felt another man’s touch.I knew this to be undeniably true, even without giving such thoughts a voice. Though It was entirely selfish of me, but I felt only deep possessive satisfaction.

I ran my fingers over and through her hair, trailing careful fingers down her face. Still lulled in sleep she responds as she presses her cheek closer into my palm.

There are things that are too dark to admit to oneself.  But here in the stillness of the night, in this witching hour, with Soo Min breathing lightly next to me cloaked in my scent, completely, utterly, worn out and defenseless, I can gather the courage to.

There’s a dark greed within me, a need to covet and claim. To utterly possess. The vicious ruthlessness my thoughts can turn to should frighten me, but they are as familiar now as my heartbeat. Beasts that creep along the edge of my thoughts and sink claws in. This world lays cloaked in light and shadows. Long ago I turned willingly from the day. I walk in the nights that never seem to end.

I have long made my peace with who I am, turned intentionally from the elusive thought of redemption. My greatest fear though is that she still has innocent dreamy fantasies that I’m a simple lost soul. I pushed her away before she could fully grasp the darkness around me, but now she’s willing stepped towards me, arms open and throat laid bare. To bathe in my shadows.

I am Paksa Adeul. I am Jung Shi-Hyun.

I have thrown a man from the roof without batting an eye. I have methodically cut down legions of minions, and have walked away coated in blood and gore so thick it can never be washed away. I have carved my name into the very men who thought to control me with a smile on my face. I have many, many more kills to my name than years, so many I have lost track. I have no limits when it comes to protect those I claim as mine, and I will eliminate any who step in my way.

She’s told me I can choose her and oh how I want to do nothing more than lay my hands against her skin and brand her as mine. But there are choices and there are consequences that continue to vibrate along the passage of time from those choices.

I pulled her sleeping body deeper into mine, a smoldering possessiveness settling in as I curved my own frame into hers. I laid a cheek against her hair and breathed her scent in deep. She nuzzled even closer, a slight smile traced on her face, like a kitten curled up.

I can have this night.

I walk on a road of my own making, and there are skeletons littered along it.

There are things she’ll need to know, decisions she will have to make. Paths that will have to be reshaped.

And in the stillness of this night, there are some dark truths that cannot be shaken.

Should she now flee, I will be helpless but to chase.

I know that I won’t be able to let her walk away.


27 thoughts on “-Interlude-, Illumination and Umbra (Heartless City Fanfic) Revamp Complete

    1. Lyse Post author

      *swipes off sweat from brow*
      oh thank god someone approved, Shi-Hyun is quite difficult to write and I’m taking him down a bit of a different path.
      Glad you enjoyed!

    1. Lyse Post author

      This one came and about walloped me upside the head on my way home in the pouring rain. I literally rushed in and grabbed my computer.
      My particular favorite has been getting woken up from sleep to have another idea or plot line pop up. I’m just hoping I can give proper respect to the characters, they’re so intricate and complex, each and every one.

  1. pei78i

    r you a writer? i mean… the writing, the words…very good and in order. only writer or reporter do like this ^.^ especially when you’d try to out pour what’s on your mind into words.

    1. Lyse Post author

      No no, not a writer. Seriously, this is my first attempt at writing EVER. I’m much more of a visual person than anything else.

      1. pei78i

        whhatt?? not a writer?? …surely you’re genius ..LOL… great job Lyse… i wish i can do the same. I mean I am also a visual person, very visual actually tho sometimes I talk to fast and too much… hahaha

      2. Lyse Post author

        Hahaha, I really have to thank the characters for allowing me to write, I wouldn’t have been able to do it if they weren’t so amazing to begin with.
        I definitely feel that there are other writers out there who could do so much better than me, but the path I’m taking is unique to me.
        I don’t really talk that much, except when work forces me to be social, so I envy those who come blessed with the gift of gab!

      3. pei78i

        don’t worry…no be too proud being a very talk-active person… mostly people ‘hates’ you instead of loves you… LOL

  2. skinnyteddy

    Awesome!! Desperately awaiting for what you will offer us next.
    Well, if you didn’t say, I would have pegged you as a writer or something along those lines. I love the way you compose your sentences and words. Can’t wait!

    1. Lyse Post author

      Thanks! No, not a writer, I deal in images. But I do construct stories and moods based off of tangible objects so maybe it helps. Thanks again for the lovely comment. Don’t worry, Chapter 2 is coming!

    1. Lyse Post author

      Hahaha, maybe I could also take four years :). No, honestly, there are no novels coming out of me. I already sit here and over analyze these small pieces. In fact, if you check, you’ll notice tiny words and phrases keep changing because I keep evaluating!

  3. Nayc23

    Heylo Lyse,

    This is really good. Thanks for your updates of HC!….. Paksa adeul’s inspiration spin off!!
    So goood…

  4. foreverandever

    It’s take much more time for me to read Interlude than Chapter 1 although obviously, Chapter 1 is much longer than Interlude. Strange ^_^
    For their first time, he just caressed. This time, he watches her sleeping peacefully next to him. He enjoys watching her as it’s become his favourite pastime. All the absence of the body heat, of the warmth, of the touch from her, he wants to make up for all of that absence. With her confrontation (which unexpectedly turned out to be confession), he let his desire take over him. Kiss mark is not enough to fulfil his desire, to claim that everything of her is his.
    However, for both times, he is unsure about something. The 1st time, it’s why he did that. The 2nd time, he’s unsure about their future, about what will happen to her, to them in the future. He has the thought of keeping her at arm’s length for her safety for more than 4 years. Yes, her speech may affect his thought, but for sure, it won’t change completely in just 1 night. He is now scared of himself, of the monster which is slow growing in him. There is definitely dangerous road ahead for her if she is with him. She may regret her decision in the future. But at that time, he can’t let her go anymore as his desire grows so strong.
    But well, all that things is in the future. For now, just this one night, there is only him and her in this world. Just his, her, and their love only.
    Phew, why do I feel like I just bend everything to fit my romantic thought?
    Anyway, I luv you. I can’t wait for the next chapter but keep healthy, my dear. Health is the first priority. ^_^

    1. Lyse Post author

      To me, Paksa isn’t so scared of what he is, I think he knew what he could become when he first walked into the underworld, undercover cop or not. He is calculating and manipulative, he can break into violence easily, and he has no problems being ruthless and cruel if necessary. He’s also fiercely loyal and loves deeply in his own way, however he may choose to show it.
      The thing that’s interesting for him and Soo Min is that what they have in abundance is chemistry, but neither one has a really good notion of who the other is. And the fact that she’s Kyung-Mi’s sister puts Soo Min at a distinct disadvantage because automatically he goes into “stay away for your own good” mode. She’s going to have a hard fight and probably have to knock his head against the wall a few times before he stops automatically associating her with Kyung-Mi. (teeny spoiler!)
      Don’t worry! I’m staying healthy! Writing is actually refreshing therapeutic!

      1. foreverandever

        ^_^ Different people, different view.
        It’s nice to know what you thought when you wrote this part.
        Somehow, my post is like how I interpret, what I think on your chapter rather than feedback.
        Btw, I luv spoiler ^^ (feel like when I waited for CC’s preview each week)

      2. Lyse Post author

        I really really appreciate hearing your thoughts, so keep them coming!
        Even though I’m writing this, I can tell when somehow a character sneaks in an unexpected line that can be interrupted in so many different ways. It’s quite a strange feeling actually!

    1. Lyse Post author

      Yup, I’ve read it. It sorts fits into my story and sorta doesn’t (I am ignoring his new name and “reborn” cream suit) But that’s why Soo Min isn’t looking at him like he’s come back from the dead in Chapter 1. She’s known he’s been alive this whole time.

  5. basya

    Well, I’ve read this for 4 times(?). Before you posted the A/N, I’ve already noticed the changes and I love your choice of words. I’m a sucker for romance that’s why I’m really hooked with your take on their short lived affair. People are saying that theirs was just some one night of passion but the holding hands, the smouldering gazes and the bedscenes (including the sleeping moment) says ‘it’s LOVE’. Little things mean a lot. Keep it comin’ please.

    1. Lyse Post author

      Hahaha, and I was literally just in the middle of completely re-editing Chapter 1, so now it reads a whole lot more smoothly! Theirs is a really interesting relationship, which is why it’s fun to write, you can’t really place it in one neat package and call it this or the other. I’d say it was chemistry that kept smacking them upside the head. I think Paksa kept thinking “worst timing EVER” but he couldn’t help himself, he was falling against his will and doing everything he could to stop it with little avail.
      But that’s one of the main things I want to explore in their relationship :).

  6. skyesHuman

    I am sort of new to kdrama. I just finished watching Cruel City/Heartless City…I found your fanfic and started reading. Your writing is really good. The characters and their situations in your story bring the entire drama back to life for me. I have re-watched the drama a couple (actually, alot more!) and now have read your Endless Night storyline ALOT!! Tonight, I “monkey keyed” my computer (random surfing and hitting links…) and came across this entry of yours. THANK YOU!!!! I find I think about your storyline when I’m at work during my lunch..I sure beats meditating! I know life has probably taken you in other directions, but I really appreciate you taking the time to create, craft, fine tune and post these stories for my pure pleasure. Nicely job, very nicely done.


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