Update August 21st

Last update August 21st (read the progress section)

Update and Author’s Note:

I know, I’m a horrible person. I said I would have Chapter One up by this Friday and yet there’s no Chapter One posted. I know, I’m aware, sorry!!

Here’s the deal. I’m actually tackling this thing (well, rather being advised to tackle this thing) like a official novel project. Which means that I’m writing out the entire storyline, going back forth trying to weed out potential plot holes, developing characters in a logical way, etc etc. Just because I haven’t posted anything doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing and working like a fiend. I think I’m on Version 10 of the timeline, if that gives you an idea.

So, as opposed to keep telling you when the Chapter will be up (because I try to be optimistic then discover I have a *lot* more work to do.) I’m posting a progress status below. This will give you an idea of where I am.

Update: August 21st

Story Timeline 75%

Chapter One Pt.1: Done, Beta-Read 50%

Chapter One Pt.2 : Done, Beta-Read 50%

Chapter Two: Done, Beta-Read Pending

It is my *goal* to have Chapter One up by next Friday. However, I’m saying this a goal because it’s taking me a lot longer than expected to nail down the storyline (seriously you should see the pages of notes between me and an *amazing* editor as we go back and forth on details.) The story timeline will by far take the most time to complete.

I’m sorry to have to keep everyone waiting (if there actually are people waiting.) I promise the story will come out, I’ve seriously put insane hours into tightening the plot into something that flows well, has the right amount of tension, and more than anything is *believable* and true to the characters of Heartless City.

I will keep updating the progress report within this post and as soon as the timeline is done then things will start to move much more quickly. Having to draft out an entire story before actually writing is apparently an insane amount of work.

Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, etc. I’ll attach *SPOILER* warnings to any answer that might give away details.

Again, I’m not walking away or leaving this unfinished. I just want to do it *right* which is a LOT more prep work than I was expecting. However, as I stated, once Chapter One comes out then there will be steady updates. I already know the beginning, middle, and end too so it won’t be an unfinished story.


P.S. Oh, and the title is changing as well. LOL.


11 thoughts on “Update August 21st

  1. nayc

    Hey Lyse,

    How are you doing? Nice to hear from you. I am definitely sure you are going to finish your masterpiece. Thank you for the timeline and updates…. i will patiently awaits for you to surprise me with your novel! Thank you! Fighting!
    I wonder if you would mention Safari in your novel…maybe a flashback or something….he’s an interesting character too…
    Go Lyse!

    1. Lyse Post author

      Of course there’s a section for Safari, he’s way too awesome and important not to have one :)! He’s actually a very pivotal character for this piece as well, there’s no way I could not include him!!
      And thanks for waiting patiently, it’s coming I promise!

  2. Roger

    I loved Heartless City, so awesome!!

    I’m waiting to read your fanfic, i’m sure it will be a great story. 😉

    PD: Sorry for my english

  3. basya

    Hi Lyse!
    I know you can do it!

    “Patience is bitter, but it bears sweet fruit”- Turkish Proverb.

    Thanks for the email!

    I’ll be waiting.. 😀


  4. Dody

    I really wated this story to be complet even after 2 years sigh :((( i hope u r well and thanks for these great chapters that u shared here .. even after 2 years i reread these when i miss this great drama


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