Endless Night || Chapter Two – Fever Dream – Teaser

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter 2 – Fever Dream


Eleven months ago

A young woman dressed inconspicuously in a dark sweater and jeans, pressed herself against a wall as she peered through the darkness at a large door at the end of an alleyway. The only sign of life were the stray cats that pawed at her feet and begged for food. Her team had been watching this area for two weeks now; she’d been staring at this door for so long she could sketch out it’s every bump and crevice from memory. 

At this late hour, the neighborhood should have been echoing with the sounds of jovial drunk men as they staggered home, but this area was eerily quiet and the silence helped to hone her senses into critical focus. She and her team had been running around in circles for months trying to chase these people down, until they’d caught a small lead a month ago that ultimately led them to this door. They were positive the deal was supposed to go down behind this door. As the hours ticked by, the girl had a sinking feeling that tonight was going to prove as fruitless as the previous nights had proven. The long hours of concentration and stillness were starting to wear down her system; the faint tremors that were starting in her legs signaled to her that it was time to call it a night; her team was expecting her to call in soon.

She shifted slightly, rubbing a slender hand against the back of her neck to relieve the stiffness. The exhaustion due to lack of sleep from spending one too many nights in a row on surveillance with her team had dulled her senses; she barely had time to react to the arm that suddenly swung out of nowhere, before a blinding pain erupted in her temple and she went down soundlessly. Only a stray cat bore witness to the young woman being half-dragged across the street and bundled into an awaiting car.

A sound of car door slamming rang out, followed by a screech of tires, and then all was silent. 



Soo-min sprang awake in bed with a scream bursting from her throat. Her long black hair laid in a tangled mess around her neck, beads of sweat dripped down her face, and goose bumps covered her entire body. A slanted scar below her left collarbone pulsed with ghostly pain. She clutched her sheets to her chest and curled herself tightly into a ball and tried to mentally will away the tremors wracking her body, whilst gulping down breaths of air with the desperation of a drowning man. After a length of time, she raised her head and glanced at the clock on the nightstand beside her. 3:30 am. She grabbed the notebook sitting a top of her nightstand; its pages displaying the wear of something that had been handled repeatedly.


Author’s Note: Chapter Two is up on Monday! (Yes, I know, I’m evil)


8 thoughts on “Endless Night || Chapter Two – Fever Dream – Teaser

  1. basya

    Ouch! I’m guessing chapter 2 will be up on my side on Tuesday 9 pm. SIGH. I think I’m beginning to grasp why it’s called Fever Dream and if the Cycle of events continues ‘Endless Nights’ will be taken literally ( everything happens at the darkness and wee hours). Very nice metaphor indeed.

    1. Lyse Post author

      Fever Dream…. well, yes part of it is because many events happen at night but there’s definitely another meaning to it *mysterious smile*.

      What’s this request? You can email me now :).

      1. Basya

        Just a moment. Your mysterious smile, I can’t get over it. I’m trying hard not to LOL and just burst it. You’re making me really excited.

      2. Lyse Post author

        Seriously, Chapter Two is nothing on the trip this story is going to take (and it’s a pretty intense chapter if I do say so myself). I fully expect readers will threaten to strangle me if I don’t release chapters sooner (which isn’t going to happen ’cause….editors)

  2. basya

    :D. I’ve read a blog that says it’s okae to right a crappy chapter sometimes. But I don’t want a crappy chapter for CC fanfics, that’s why I’m always willing to wait. The agony of waiting will be worth it’s fruit.

    Don’t worry I’m not thinking of strangling you. I’ll just tell you to go stand in the corner, I’ll get back to you later with matching stinky eyes. 😀

    1. Lyse Post author

      My editors wouldn’t let me release a crappy chapter anyways, they’d make me re-write the thing (you think I kid.)

      Later when you’re threatening to strangle me I’m going to remind you of these very words. Don’t feel bad though, I’d want to strangle me too :P.

      1. basya

        I see you got stinky eyes from them too. :D.

        With the strangling part, I’m ROFL. Yeah, I think our head screws are loosening up a bit. 😀

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