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Endless Night || Chapter Ten – Escalation

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter Ten – Escalation

Children’s Day

Little Joo-mi always looked forward to Children’s Day, the one day when Mommy and Daddy would take time off from their busy work schedule to indulge in an afternoon full of play and laughter. Under her parents’ watchful eyes, Joo-mi clapped her hands in delight as she took in the park, filled with the bright colors of carefree children frolicking. Her long hair bounced against her new favorite dress, a gift she’d received that very morning. The bubbling laughter of other kids tugged at her and she ran forward, confident her parents would be watching her. There was an abundance of events going on; she spotted a sign for a petting zoo before being swept away by the sound of a band playing in the distance. Her tummy rumbled; food was now the most important thing. She spotted a small booth with a row of children lining up to it. Her eyes made a beeline for what was being offered: candy.

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