Update (January 13, 2014)

First off – No, I haven’t abandoned this story (never!) or gotten writer’s block or anything like that. I simply am *swamped* with work at the moment – and it’s only getting worse.

To avoid going into too much detail about real life – I am half of a team of two that launched a new international publication last December and since then I’ve been up to my eyeballs in meetings. The reception has been amazing and everything is going extremely well – but I do have to keep spreading the word (PR, distribution, future collaboration, you name it I oversee it.)  I’m averaging about four hours of sleep (maybe?) and something like 6 meetings a day give or take – which means that when I finally come home all I want to do is not look at a computer/phone anymore.  

Back to Endless Night. Half of chapter 11 is done, and I know how the entire chapter needs to flow. I just simply need to find a day (my previous weekends were sadly eaten up with more meetings – this world doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘holidays’) where I can focus. 

I’m extremely grateful (and apologetic) to everyone who has been so patient, and I promise you I will complete this story – I’ve honestly invested too much time and energy not to let it play out to the end. 

Right now it’s looking like I will try to have Chapter 11 out by the end of the month – I am going to try to work on it this weekend (forget weekdays for the moment) and will keep posting updates on my chatbox about my progress.

Again, many, many thanks to everyone for being so supportive!



Endless Night || Chapter Ten – Escalation

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter Ten – Escalation

Children’s Day

Little Joo-mi always looked forward to Children’s Day, the one day when Mommy and Daddy would take time off from their busy work schedule to indulge in an afternoon full of play and laughter. Under her parents’ watchful eyes, Joo-mi clapped her hands in delight as she took in the park, filled with the bright colors of carefree children frolicking. Her long hair bounced against her new favorite dress, a gift she’d received that very morning. The bubbling laughter of other kids tugged at her and she ran forward, confident her parents would be watching her. There was an abundance of events going on; she spotted a sign for a petting zoo before being swept away by the sound of a band playing in the distance. Her tummy rumbled; food was now the most important thing. She spotted a small booth with a row of children lining up to it. Her eyes made a beeline for what was being offered: candy.

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Endless Night || Chapter Nine – Second Act

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter Nine – Second Act

Soo-min winced and shifted slightly against the car seat. The tenderness of her skin from her recent tattooing experience was a constant throb. The tattoo was situated high up on her inner thigh, and unless someone was peeking up her skirt, it wouldn’t be visible to others. The tattoo was still fresh enough that her skin felt rubbed raw. She hadn’t even bothered to closely examine it, just slapped a bandage over it, but not before catching a glimpse of the crimson petals spiraling along her skin. Objectively speaking, it was an exquisite work of art, but what it represented made her itch to claw it off.  Continue reading

Endless Night || Chapter Eight – Induction

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter Eight – Induction 

One Week Later…

Soo-min walked silently along the length of the ornate corridors in a section of the Vanity that was off-limits to her.  Tonight was finally her night off, so she’d taken advantage of the free time to enter the club through the staff entrance before changing into attire more appropriate for a wealthy party-goer. Thank goodness the floors are carpeted, she thought, glancing at heavy wooden doors. It seemed that there was more money poured into this section than any previous one she’d been to. Maybe this was a sign that she was finally making some headway.

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Endless Night || Chapter Seven – Gambit

Endless Night || Heartless City Sequel

Chapter Seven – Gambit

Paksa Adeul turned and looked at Soo-min. She stood directly facing him, her usually expressive eyes hooded. The only sign of her emotions were the two bright spots of color riding on her cheekbones in her otherwise pale face. The new speed at which she could now harness her emotions unsettled him. Where had that expressive girl gone? Her unexpected proposal had thrown him off balance, and it cost him precious seconds to regain himself; seconds she was more than willing to take advantage of as she moved quickly to press her case.

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